that was and is

behold: the world that was and is,
that she keeps in her heart,
a world of sun
for everyone,
and comfort when the day is done,
as each is free to do their part
within a world that was and is.

behold: the world that turns but slow,
that she holds to her chest,
a world set free –
yes, you and me –
in days of hope and harmony,
with chances full to do their best,
as bright days come and dark nights go.

the wisdom of serenity, again,
that was and is, and always should
have been

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One thought to “that was and is”

  1. The world whirls and whirls,
    It shows a man its base today,
    It shows another man its belly tomorrow,
    Tomorrow it shows the first man its belly,
    But it is a different design from the one it show the second man…
    It shows the second man the tail tomorrow,
    But its different from the one it shows the first man yesterday….

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