Sketches – 24

I have a confession to make

What is it?

I don’t really enjoy…
Watching professional wrestling

I’m pretty sure I already knew that –
You’re missing out on some great stuff, but
To each his own —

Ok, ok —
That’s not my real confession

What is? What’s bothering you?

I’m not sure I want to paint anymore

Wow. That’s surprising –
What’s gotten you to that point?

I don’t sell many paintings –
Reviewers ignore me –
My own family buys them but
Doesn’t display them…

But you’re an amazing artist

You’re biased because you love me

I’m biased because I’ve seen your paintings –
What else are you feeling?

Recently, I’ve felt
No inspiration –
I mean, here we are, on the beach —


And nothing is giving me ideas –
I’m more excited about that wine
We found at dinner last night
Than the Gulf of Mexico –
Isn’t that messed up?

No – it’s just
How you’re feeling –
Feelings aren’t wrong or right:
They just are

I think I’m getting depressed

I think you might be –
What do you think you should do?

I don’t know, maybe –
Get a therapist or something?


I didn’t want to tell you, because
You paid for this trip and all, and
I don’t want to seem ungrateful —

Oh, yes –
You deliberately went out
And got depressed
Just so you could ruin our time
At Doug and Laura’s timeshare –
I’m so angry —

So you’re not mad or…

Depression is like
The stock market —
If you think you can control it,
You end up jumping off buildings

Morbid, but, very true –
And a little long to make a good t-shirt,
But still —
Thank you

I love you, and
I know what depression is like –
So — I’ll do whatever I can
To help…
And I know something that
Might help right now…

Is this turning into a sex thing?

No – I have WWE Network
Right here, on my iPad —

Maybe we both need counseling

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