Sketches – 22

Hey —
Are you taking a nap?

I was. What’s up?

Would you like to go
Furniture shopping?

Uhh… what do we need, exactly?

A new car.
No, furniture: that’s why it’s called
furniture shopping,
as opposed to some other kind of shopping.

Okay, alright. Okay.
How long should this take?

What, you got a hot date?

No, but, I was going to
Watch a ball game at 3:30.

Oh, we’ll be back by halftime
At the latest.
I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
Back by 3:30,
No problem.

Seriously, what kind of
Furniture are we looking for?

You need shelves for your study.
I figured you wouldn’t mind
Getting your books out of
Boxes in the garage.
And I’ll drive!

Sounds great.

Are we doing anything for your mom’s birthday?

I told her you’d grill tomorrow. Is that okay?

I guess it’s okay.
What does she want grilled?

Chicken, I believe.
And some vegetables.

Alright, but, you know…
This doesn’t look
Anything like
A furniture store.

No, it’s a Jamaican restaurant.
I was hungry.

I need to be back by 3:30…

That’s okay,
The furniture’s
Being delivered anyway.

Why didn’t you just tell me
You wanted to go out for lunch?

I figured when you saw the
Signs for “jerk chicken”, you
Couldn’t possibly be a jerk and
Turn down grilling for my mom.

Oh, would you stop?

Quit trying to stifle
My creativity.
I am an artist, you know.

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