How oft I think of autumn

How oft I think of autumn when the summertime is here,
And you, when everything was less complex —
There’s more to life than schlepping things and kids, and making money;
Like autumn days, and laughter, love, and sex —

The energy that comes when possibilities are latent,
The sudden smile on your carefree face —
It’s not in summer toil that our lives are meant to linger,
But in forgotten autumn’s warm embrace

I know the time I have is being measured now in teaspoons,
And that I haven’t told you everything:
But when my mind goes back, it isn’t done for lack of loving,
But when I still had so much I could bring

To show you that the precious days are that because I’m near you,
To have you feel the autumn in your hair —
For love does not stay hidden, it belongs out in the sunshine,
And in my mind, I’ll always see us

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