Because Friends

So she was looking down, and felt his hand
Upon her hand, the slightest pressure there –
She raised her head to look him in the face;
She fought but felt the tears come to her eyes

There’s nothing I can say, I know, he said,
To change the way things are, or how you feel;
But I’ll be here to listen, if you need,
Or just to sit beside you, if you call.

But why? she said, I know you have a life.
You have a job, and children – and a wife.

Of course: she knows I’m here, and she approves:
We don’t abandon friends when things get bad.

And maybe anyone who wasn’t them
Would think this sort of thing would never work:
That men and women can’t be friends. But see:
These two still manage —
Therefore – so might we-

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