Trafficked Words

The things that she believes in, many lightly ridicule,
And in their trafficked words, contempt pours through;
The odds they understand her, being less than minuscule,
They really think they’re saying something new

As twenty-first century humans, standing, on a sort of brink,
Forgetting all the hubris of the past –
They say what others say, within the ways they’re¬†taught to think,
The ones who have it figured out, at last

But yet they fixate on her, she’s a dragon they must slay,
By the abusive words her kind receives;
And there is no acceptance; no, there is a price to pay —
For living deep within what she believes

For hate, as trafficked, masks itself as love,
Through words carved out by those who know no shame:
Who seek to hurt the harmless where they live,
To disconnect themselves
From their own

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