Pressured By Success

We’ve been handed flags to wave,
So wave them now, we must —
Lest we be invisible or
Covered up in dust.
So we signal our dismay,
Our failing, and distress:
Keen to how the traffic’s driven
Pressured by success

Out here on the foredeck, we
Are full of frenzied moving:
Planes are screaming overhead, but
Little is improving –
Still the motions must be followed,
Niceties observed;
We can’t be dissuaded
Or unnerved

What’s the world about but ranking?
It is us they should be thanking –
We who see the truth, have spoken,
And can fix what’s long been broken
Give us power, give us glory
Make us featured in your story
Watch our flags now as we wave them,
All who see, we love them, save them —

Don’t believe the lies and madness
You will hear out there:
Only we’ve the joy of joining,
All the rest – despair —
Land your craft here at our signal,
Stop with all the chess,
Don’t be trapped like pawns by failure,
Settling for less

Come and wave these banners gaily,
Pressured by

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