Next On The List

Next On The List

I said, “what are you doing here?”
She said, “I’m trying to induce.”
She isn’t supposed to be at work,
But anyone who knows her

Knows that she will do as she will,
And that she’s good at what she does;
I’ve known her now for way to long
To dare try to oppose her

A friend born in another land,
Who I met many miles away,
Whose journey has now brought her here
To work in the next office

Someone ambitious, smart and strong
I hadn’t known for very long
Before I realized she was not
The usual work sophist

So I encouraged her to use
The talents I saw manifest;
Career growing such that she
Will one day be my boss

But I don’t find that threatening
Because I recognize in her
That quality that is beyond
To lose which would be loss

For now, though, she’ll be out a while
To see her, I can’t help but smile,
For even with it days away
She still’s about the business

For colleagues who pursue their dreams
At work and home, I’m happy when
The good find good at times – sometimes –
And she’s one of
The best

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