Sketches – 13

We got our first offer on the house

Wow, that’s great. How does it look?

They want us to pay all the closing, so I think
We should counter with a higher price –
Otherwise, it looks good

I’ve never been to this place

I love the coffee here

I was looking at you through the window –
You look so beautiful there with your coffee;
Beautiful, but kind of

I am sad


Because I feel like you’re killing yourself —
You don’t sleep well,
You get up ungodly early and
I hear you typing away

Yes, well, I haven’t been sleeping well

I’ve noticed the small seizures –
You went a long time without them —
Are you not happy?
With me?

Of course I am,
It’s just stress —

Look, I don’t make a lot of demands, right?

No, you don’t

Just don’t…
Die, okay?

Wow, you are in a dark place this morning

What else do we need to do with the house?

Just empty out the storage building in back.
We could be out from under that payment
In six weeks

Look, I’ll try to take better care of myself

Yeah, well, if you end up
Unconscious in the hospital
From writing too many poems
I’ll come by every few hours
And yank your tubes out,
How ’bout that?

How about I empty out the storage unit
This weekend, and
Go back to working out in the mornings?

How about we empty the storage unit together
And we start walking in the evenings?


You know what I was thinking about
When you walked up?

The house? My health?

No, I was thinking about Decepticons.
I had a dream last night that one
Bought one of my paintings.

Sounds like…
A transformative experience?

You’re not well.
You know that, right?

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      1. Stay Blessed Owen!!
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