love had its day (and night)

love had its day (and night) but now it’s gone;
it wandered off, somewhere, into the void.
i see the place where once our hands entwined,
and dwell upon what, rather, i’d avoid.
          did i love you or love the use of you?
          did my heart leave you false, or love you true?

love had its time (and space) but now it’s flown;
it sped away, as though elsewhere intent:
i try to think, but thoughts all leave my head,
like circles in a drain, or time misspent –
          did you love me the way you said you did?
          was it for love i ran, and from it hid?

love has its way (and means) to make its point.
you left and found another; now i see
i was to you all I was made to be:
a bridge for you, now part of history.
          i know i broke a love both pure and real
          whenever i allow myself to feel —

but i can block it out, the shades are drawn —
love’s light, it fades away,
and now

its gone

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