Sketches – 7

Whatcha doing?

About to watch “Daredevil”
You headed to work?

Yeah. I’ll probably be there
Till about eight.
Want to meet for dinner?



Italian? You know it.
How dressy should I be?
I mean, you’re wearing a suit and tie

Video conference with
Some people in Japan –
It will be Monday there —
Dress up a little, if you want.
That gives me almost seven hours of

I love you –
Thank you

I love you, too
“Thank you” for what?

That you still want to
Take me out to dinner
That you still want to see me
Dressed up
That you’ll be thinking about me
While you should be concentrating
On your video conference

Well, dear
This house has several mirrors –
Sometime today
Stop and look at yourself
And tell me why
I shouldn’t be thanking you
Every minute of my life

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