Sketches – 6

What’s wrong?

I don’t know

Tell me…
What you’re feeling

It’s one of those mornings where I try to workout and that doesn’t feel right and I try go through my painting ideas and none of them seem good and the cat is acting all distant and my mom called and wants me to help her sew and I hate sewing I’m no good at it and I’ve gained three pounds and my sister’s shower is coming up and I’m supposed to come up with game ideas but the showers I’ve been to people all play these embarrassing games and I don’t think they’re that much fun and you’ve been so crabby lately and I wonder if I should give up painting and go back to work at Doctor Reynold’s office because they’re short-handed there and I’m worried about our air conditioner it makes funny noises when you’re not here and I hate sewing

Cats always act distant to everybody

That’s what you got out of that?

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