In Passage

You and I had mastered the sails by then –
And we steered as well by moonlight
As we ever had in the daytime, often
Looking over to see if the other one
Was looking

But now the canvas ruffled in the wind,
And we unspeaking smiled across the wet
Spaces between us, ropes and oars under
Our feet

And in those times before music was
Everywhere, there were sounds many have
Never heard –
Like the sound of a lighthouse as it
Revolves, its eye spinning restlessly

We heard the waves, and a gull, and the lighthouse, and
We steered back to where I leapt off onto
The dock as you fed me rope to moor

I took your hand to help you up onto the dock,
You thanked me with a look, and we
Muscle-tired, traveled wet and sandy,
In your old Volkswagen through the quiet night

In passage, we find that
Expectation is old, and tired, while
Experience is as varied and unexpected
As life itself

We shared this time together
Not a dangerous time,
Not a time of bodies touching,
But a time of

Cooperation, companionship and harmony

And in much that fills a life with meaning,

There are those moments we spend
Simply doing
That which we love

Because we love it

[Inspired by this post.- Owen]


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