A Ride Home

She told me that she needed a ride home
Because she’d had a bit too much to drink;
And I thought long and hard before I spoke
Struggling, in the moment, just to think

She didn’t need to drive, that much was true –
I knew just where she lived, and it was far:
So I agreed to do it, sheepishly
And we walked in the darkness to my car

She looked at me with loneliness, and said:
I understand you’re married. I don’t care.
I’m asking you to be with me right now.
I’m here and I need you to get me there…

But I learned something many years ago
When I was left behind for someone new:
You’ll never build another person up
Betraying those who’ve loved and honored you

I had to help her get into her house.
By that time, she’d forgotten what she said –
I helped her get her shoes off, and to fall
Into the arms of sleep in her own bed

And some there are who’d say that I’m a fool
For passing fleeting joys, forever gone:
But I decided I refuse to be
The sort of man that I’d despise
At dawn

= = = = =

Baggage Check

We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?

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