I do not ‘like’ that you’re depressed;
In fact, it makes me rather sad.
I’m not your boss, your uncle,
Or your lover or your dad —

What I am is another voice:
Another whose held on to pills
When they were all I had between
The darkness of the distant hills

And those few rays of light I saw.
My friend, my neighbor, hear me now:
I cannot break for you the walls
Confining you, but this much I will vow —

A cyber-neighbor’s all that I might be:
But you can always come
and talk
to me


… for I, too, have my pills to take,
I cling to them in desperation;
Please don’t just check out
Before the time has come
For love’s great

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2 Thoughts to “Pills

  1. Depression, like cancer, is a daily bully and a wicked thief. Love helps, but sometimes only medicine is big enough to kick its butt.

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