Blank Gestalt

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Daily Prompt – “Today, share something you love about yourself — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.”

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I’ve read the words above clean through –
The prompters mock me now, they do;
For I can think of nothing.
My wounds are there, they pour in salt,
I’m left to mourn a blank gestalt
For still, I think of nothing.


I rise up early every day
I go about my busy way
With work and family paramount
Amid the life I made I’m found
I write in moments stolen by
I laugh, I fret; console or cry
Still, I can think of nothing

I have no merits that I know
My mind is made this way, and so
I’ll sit and blankly comb my ways
To vainly seek a thought of praise
There is no “good” in me, per se,
But there’s a me here everyday
Yet nothing in him I can see
Is something I find love-worthy
And so, I think of nothing


I guess I know what’s meant in this
Some secret talent, hidden bliss
Some pleasing thing, simple or deep
Like putting one’s grandkids to sleep
Which is, I think, the closest thing
I have, by way of answering
This maddening prompt, that mocks me so:
The fact that I am boring.

For sometimes kids, they do need rest
That seems to be what I do best

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(… this post inspired by our friends at daily prompt …)

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