Write of Passage

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Daily Prompt : “Handwritten” —
When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?
Thanks for the prompt suggestion, KL Caley!

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Writing letters on page;
It used to be all the rage.
Now its rarely ever done,
Not for business, nor for fun.

But, I did it, almost now.
I wrote letters with a crayon
Just to show my grandson how;
The same table he will play on.

A and B and C and D,
Red and blue and brown and green —
Letters I wish you had seen,
But they’ll stay twixt him and me

All our worries in the night,
All we do shield their pain;
Crayon lesson how to write —
What we give seems so

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3 Thoughts to “Write of Passage

  1. I write most of my posts by hand at first. It connects me back to 10-year-old me, writing over random pieces of scratch paper.

    I’m also trying to get back into writing in paper journals. I’ve written a few times in the last month … and hope to keep that up. 🙂

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