rainy day at their house


ever a quality
only of externals

for the rain falls
on everyone as it
has on them these
last years of sickness

but doesn’t it
look so perfect


that doesn’t see
beyond the surface

a cast of spirit
that rages and sputters
at seeming advantages of
our brothers and sisters

the quiet here
is sorrow borne


but the rain
does not care

yet their house tries
with all they put
into to it to
be refuge and comfort

listen to the
air conditioner run


not outrunning it
this last time

look at them with
their perfect house and
their perfect life and
judge if you will

gasping for breath and
striving to keep going



= = = = =

Photo credit : © Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime.com – Ground Floor Of Modern House Photo

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