For Years

For years I’ve had this fantasy
A simple one, with you and me
In a recurring vision file
That’s marked “felicity” —

If life was simple, without guile
You’d sit and rest your head awhile
I’d hear each moment as it sings
Transfixed upon your smile

But power screws up many things
We want control, to pull the strings
And much is counted then as lost
By what such doing brings

I wish that I could bear the cost
My every last employ exhaust
That we could carefree lovers be
As though no lines were crossed

For years I’ve had this fantasy
A world of quiet ecstasy
Where things did not end tragically
And you could still have faith
In me

For Years

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One thought to “For Years”

  1. heart wrenching post this portrait of the fantasy to be one; to melt into one with one you love and adore-seems the world doesn’t often support crossing those lines, does it?

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