First Time Wasted

She asked me what I liked to drink,
So “Scotch” I said, promptly;
I’d never really had a drink,
But how hard could it be?

I mean, all my friends drank a lot,
And they were still alive:
I thought, this won’t be too bad
As we walked into this dive

‘Twas near the university
The dorms almost in sight:
The sign up by the door said drinks
Were three-for-one that night

And so I loudly ordered Scotch
And she got Vodka T. —
We got one more and then another
Things went swimmingly

Including, then, the room
As it began to swim around:
I got fixated on her face
I barely heard a sound

I think we made out in the car
I really don’t recall:
I had to act like I was
Quite a pro with alcohol

But think, somehow, she figured out
That it was new to me:
I’m guessing that I told her
‘Bout my drink virginity

I’d said the first thing in my head
I’d wanted to amaze:
But the next day I paid for it
In O
So many

= = = = =

Tight Corner

Have you ever managed to paint yourself into the proverbial corner because of your words? What did you do while waiting for them “to dry”?

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    1. Sure. I have done it once before on… I don’t know, one of my blogs, but the idea has so many possibilities.

      By the way, I envy your knack for commenting on posts. I’m terrible at it.

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