his diatribe, transcribed

there are no laws

laws are decided on, in some sense, by the people, and apply equally to all

the people don’t make laws, courts do, and courts are accountable to no one

what courts call laws, are mere edicts that, in practice, treat people disparately

there are no laws and there is no justice

tort lawyers act like they’re for the people – they leech off the people is what they do

judges get famous, lawyers get rich, prisons get full, people get ignored

cops are taught to enforce nonexistent laws selectively, and we wonder why they’re so often screwed up

if people didn’t put political parties before everything else, they’d demand judges be fair instead of party hacks

if we had real laws, there would be more real justice

i guess if i was a judge, i’d do whatever the hell i felt like, too, and say, “i don’t care what the damn law says – i’m the law”

“no lives matter, but lawyers getting rich does” should be the official slogan of our country’s judicial system

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