Going Behind “Shattered Glass”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

—– —– —–

the Everyday, the commonplace,
that’s Not what brings the readers in;
It’s amazing how mundane
it Is, committing journalistic sin

Institutions are like clothes –
Mere appearances to fool;
Brings the hero-worship out
For the people who could be so cool

As to be therein ensconsed.
Facts come in, and we surmise
Just past all the glitter, there’s
Ordinary people, gals and guys —

Journalists who stretch the truth,
Facts and timelines, twist and bend;
Are we that surprised to learn
People are just people in the end?

i Felt like I was in this film
First time that I saw it, and
Everytime I’ve seen it since.
And it’s helped me kind of understand…

it’s Easy to sit back and judge
Thinking our kind do so well:
But we often tell the truth
Having then
No better
To tell

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