8 thoughts on “Scintilla 5

      1. Thanks, Evelyn. You’re very kind to me.

        This was my first try at ever writing about her. I loved her, but wow, she crushed me. I’ve written around the edges of her for years – I’ve kind of written about everything but her.

      2. Oops. Didn’t finish replying..phone error..to continue. The one that hurts you the most is the one you remember ?

      3. That’s an interesting question.

        I do remember her; I remember how strongly I felt about her; I remember all the time we spent together; and I remember her telling me that she’d never cared a thing about me.

        Now, I’ve written a poem about it.

      4. Lovely pictures you have. It compliments perfectly with your poems. Sometimes I start to wonder these moments in time, did it really exist or was it only a figment of my imagination.

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