The Beautiful Ones

For so long I had envied
The beautiful of face
The more handsomely favored
Among the human race

For their lives seemed so easy
I thought it must be great
To have it all just handed to you
On a silver plate

Because you were attractive
That’s all you had to be
To get the job, the lover, or
Place in society

Then I married a beauty
Of figure, face and eyes
With three daughters just like her
And much to my surprise

I found them often hated
From envy or from spite
Or presumed to be stupid
From judgments made on sight

They also each were targets
Of those out for a prize
The hunters and collectors
Hidden behind disguise

So it turns out that I was wrong
I just had no idea
In thinking that attractiveness
Was life’s great

= = = = =

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flip Flop.”

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