Quatrain of Thought

In order to sustain
Long-term relationships
The relationship must be
Beneficial to both parties

This is true across all types
Of human relationships:
In business, with friendships,
Or with lovers in our most intimate times

One strange thing, then, about many relationships
Is that we gradually emphasize what we want
At the expense of what the other party wants
Which is unsustainable

It may not seem very romantic
But relationships include conscious trade-offs
Where we give up some of what we want
In order to make sure both parties are satisfied

We also have to make sure
The other party is equally invested
Because one party doing all the giving
Is also unsustainable long-term

Relationships often flounder
On people expecting others to know what they want
Without open, direct communication
Or treating the whole thing like a contest

And while the type of relationship here described
Doesn’t sound very poetic
Replacing doing what feels good with a type of morality
My long observation is

Is the only way

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