Night Musing

Cannot Sleep

It’s the middle of night

Funny how the night doesn’t seem to have sides
Only a middle

There used to be some soap opera…
“The Edge of Night”
So, there is that

Why am I awake?
I’m frequently asleep at work
I have this all backwards

I wonder if I could claim jet lag
From driving a 1982 Dodge Omni?
That car can’t even do the speed limit

If you dropped it out of a plane

What was that plane my dad used to fly?
Yeah, that’s right, a “Goony-Bird”
It was a transport plane, I think

The airshow here last week was sure loud
Like when I went to see that
Awful Journey concert

We classical music types should know our limits

Speaking of limits, I wonder
Would reviewing my advance Calculus textbook
Help me get to sleep?

I remember that
For every Delta there is an Epsilon
There’s no Epsilon Airlines

That’s okay, their flight schedule
Would probably be Greek to me
And I’d be standing there
Alone in the airport, thinking

It’s the middle of the night

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4 Thoughts to “Night Musing

  1. Now you have me thinking I need to write an “argument” poem, that there are sides to night…. my grandma and I used to watch “The Edge of Night”–I was quite traumatized when they really pushed the envelope of daytime TV by showing a woman stabbing a guy in the back with LARGE scissors; I can still see the scene….. okay, I’m done, bye.

      1. Sorry! I have a gift of making people laugh at the most inappropriate moments…. or maybe it’s inappropriate content?

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