In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

I’ve lived beside the ocean, and
By rivers, hills, and canyons:
But these I have but rarely seen
With walls as my companions

I’ve moved from state to state
From town to town, from place to place;
And searched through each geography
To find a state of grace

The only things that line my walls
Are bookshelves and one painting
Of my young sons; who look quite sad
I’ve loved it’s lack of feigning

For that was not a happy day
When we had those pics posed;
The baby one was screaming and
The elder, ill-disposed

Within the walls of that strange place
To try to fake a smile;
Which they just could not manage, though
We stayed there quite a while

Of course, they’re both grown up now
And each goes about life’s fight:
Within the walls of their own lives
That long have blocked
The light

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