My Pseudonym

People stumble on this weblog
And sometimes they bark their shin
Usually, they end up asking
Why I use a pseudonym

Why “Beleaguered Servant”, they ask –
A fair question, I might add –
It’s because of the long years
Of corporate vassalage I’ve had

I work as a corporate exec
For a company you know
When I started here on WordPress
I’d hit a career low

I was feeling, quite beleaguered
That’s the word I came to choose
To describe my web persona
These two words were what I’d use

These days, I’m not so beleaguered
And I write because I’m me
But I keep the pseudonym, now
It’s part of my poetry

One thought on “My Pseudonym

  1. The joke’s on me because I assumed you were a beleaguered servant of Christ. Guess I was projecting a bit there…


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